Cereus Ultrasonics: The Perfect Signal

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The Cereus Engine

Cereus Technology: The Perfect Signal

At Cereus we’ve rebuilt ultrasonics from the ground up

The result is the creation of the world’s first ultra-high-fidelity ultrasonic acoustics technology. For those familiar with the traditional constraints of this field, the step change in performance is a genuine revelation.

Today Cereus is a global centre of excellence for ultrasonics, bringing together 150 years of collective acoustics experience.

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See the Cereus Engine in action in our new generation oilfield ultrasonic tools

Sector Applications

Cereus Ultrasonics has applications across a wide range of sectors

Cereus opens the door to a whole new class of diagnostic imaging and measurement applications. We are actively looking to collaborate with partners in a range of industries. From tuning your transducer to designing and building a complete ultrasonics data acquisition system, speak to Cereus about the many ways our team can put the perfect signal to work for you.