3 – Ultrasonic inspection casing wear

Casing Inspection

New generation of casing inspection

Casing wear inspection presented in field as it looks downhole

The Cereus Nusonix Ultrasonic tool was run in tandem with a 60-finger calliper (MFC) on wireline.  The primary objective of the logging operation was to determine the casing wear in the highly deviated section of upper 9 5/8” casing at around 300-350m where the deviation was over 60°.

The log was run at a logging speed of 9m/min over the section of interest.  Both the MFC and the Ultrasonic tool clearly identified internal casing wear due to drilling operations, with the ultrasonic providing an absolute measure of the casing wall thickness.

In addition to the internal radius and wall thickness measurement, the Ultrasonic tool provided secondary information on the relative position of the 13 3/8” casing.

Using the MFC internal radius results alone in the API approved casing wear calculation, the results delivered a pessimistic casing wear which exceeded the client allowable threshold.

The absolute measurement of the wall thickness provided by the Nusonix Ultrasonic tool provided an accurate direct measure of wear which was within the client’s prescribed cut-off.

As a result of the direct measure from the Nusonix Ultrasonic tool, the client approved the use of the slot for a further side-track.

Download the full case study here.