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Cereus Ultrasonics completes its first off shore logging campaign

Cereus has completed its first offshore downhole logging campaign with a major North Sea operator!

We sent our Nusonix Inspect tool into a well with a 9 5/8” casing with our 7” – 9 5/8” centraliser:


Our Nusonix Inspect tool gathered excellent data through the whole area of well that the client was interested in.

The wear damage is clear. It can be seen that the material loss is only on the inside by comparing the internal and external radius plots.

Zooming in with the Nusonix software shows that the defect bridges a joint. The thickness is at its lowest either side of the joint at with the minimum being 10.4mm.

The polar plot below shows the wall thickness at the lowest point of the wear defect, centring around pixel 37 and measuring a thickness of 10.4mm (0.41”).

The tool is now being refreshed and reconfigured and being made ready for another campaign further afield.