Cereus Cleantech Ultrasonics

Monitor the integrity of renewable assets and infrastructure

The longer that a clean energy system generates power, the lower the cost of energy production becomes – so long-term asset reliability is key. Proven in pipe inspection, the Cereus Engine can be integrated into permanent equipment and mobile systems to provide early identification of integrity issues such as wear, corrosion, fractures and leak points with new levels of certainty.

Example applications include:

  • Identifying cracks in wind turbine blades
  • Evaluating cement bonds and water ingress in wind turbine towers
  • Inspecting pipework in geothermal and hydroelectric plants
  • Measuring float condition in tidal installations and floating solar farms
  • Validating the integrity of hydroelectric structures


Beyond asset integrity, ultrasonics can also be used in the production of biofuel by triggering the energy-efficient release of lipids from algae.

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