Cereus Energy Ultrasonics

Evaluate asset condition in a single run

New generation oilfield ultrasonics from Cereus

As the energy industry evolves, the role of oil and gas continues to change.

Today, with limited capex available for new developments, it’s an economic imperative to get shut-in wells back online, to make sure maturing assets are safe and compliant, and to develop effective and affordable P&A programmes. Whether you’re an operator planning your next intervention or an oilfield service company looking to extend your portfolio, Cereus has a unique suite of plug-and-play tools utilising the Cereus Engine: systems that you won’t find elsewhere.

Introducing new generation oilfield ultrasonics

Cereus has developed the world’s first contact-free, direct measurement technique for well integrity, cement bond logs and P&A surveys that can be deployed through tubing and multiple casing strings – even in gas wells. Now you can:

  • Replace multiple tools with one at a fraction of the cost
  • Perform multi-string logging in a single run
  • Make rig-less P&A a reality

Contact Cereus to discuss your oil and gas application, or explore our unique range of tools:

Production Tubing Inspection & Cement Bond and Corrosion Quantification

Accurately measure ID, Wall Thickness and Cement Bond Quality with a single run, even in gas wells

A compact, small-diameter production tubing and casing inspection tool featuring significantly improved resolution and accuracy compared to standard, first-generation ultrasonic tools. Use it to identify downhole leaks and integrity issues. While providing a direct measurement using the Cereus Engine to provide a step-change in fidelity both in the time and frequency domains, this contact-free technique avoids the potential for tubing damage associated with running mechanical tools such as multi-finger callipers.

Nusonix has been engineered to be smaller and lighter than existing ultrasonic tools, making it both quicker to use and cost-effective to run. A complete report of processed data can be available on site within hours of completing a logging run.

The system is ideal to rapidly validate the integrity of gas storage and CO2 sequestration wells.

Technical specifications

Slickline conveyed 2.285” diameter memory logging tool:

  • Initial tool – 8,000 psi (550 Bar), 115 °C, Sour service
  • Operating range from 31/2” tubing to 13 3/8” casing
  • Capable of measuring cement bond external to casing and cement quality
  • Capable of measuring layered composites (GRE lined liners and flexible lines/hoses)
  • Contactless sensor – No tubing/casing damage
  • 360°, high resolution, high accuracy measurements
  • Capable of measuring in pressured Gas (>435 psi (30 Bar)), as well as liquids (oil/water)
  • Logging speed 10m/min (low resolution) 2m/min (Ultra-high resolution)
  • Battery – 2000m continuous High-Res or 7000m low-Res measurements
  • Tool length – ~ 4.0m
  • Output data to industry standard well integrity (2D/3D) visualization packages allowing on-site analysis and a composite report. Complete report of processed data ~ 60 mins.

For a more in-depth introduction to Nusonix CBL, visit this tech page.

Download the Nusonix ultrasonic tool datasheet here.

Thru-Tubing Cement Bond and Seal Validation

Evaluate casing corrosion, cement bond integrity and plug seal performance through production tubing and multiple casing strings

Nusonix MultiString is the tool that the oil and gas industry has been waiting for. For the first time it’s now possible to accurately measure casing corrosion and to log cement bonds in high resolution using the Cereus Engine in the time domain and Acoustics Resonance Technology (ART) in the frequency domain at the same time without the need to pull production tubing.

This unique functionality also adds the capability to evaluate the seal performance of a new generation of plug technologies and the potential to assess the integrity of multiple casing strings – paving the way for more cost-effective rig-less plug and abandonment operations.

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Monitor the integrity of gas storage, CO2 sequestration and Geothermal wells

During the construction phase and the life of Geothermal wells, CO2 sequestration and gas storage wells, routine monitoring of wellbore integrity is essential for the assurance of the high levels of safety and environmental protection that is expected of the authorities. The Nusonix wellbore inspection tools bring a new dimension in being able to provide a comprehensive and detailed evaluation of:

  • The corrosion and erosion of gas storage well tubulars
  • The condition of the cement bond and casings in gas storage wells
  • The pressure ratings of tubulars in CO2 sequestration wells
  • Analysis of the cement isolation of the injected formations
  • The cement bond of the new generation of composite lined casings for geothermal wells

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