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Latest R&D at Cereus – Eccentricity and Deformation

Our Nusonix Inspect tool was run offshore earlier this year and enabling our client to detect the 13 3/8” casing beyond the 9 5/8” casing that tool was being run in.  This result showed quite a large offset between the two casings owing to the well deviation of 60°.

Subsequent runs in a large-scale yard test for a different application showed the casing position relative to the tubing, but with much less eccentricity.


Our world-class ultra-high-fidelity acoustics are able to penetrate the first pipe and provide information beyond.

Our current development path is to hone the signal processing to give us the  automated results and provide greater insight into well condition.


This feature will add a fourth capability to our existing Nusonix tool design:

Internal Radius
Cement Evaluation

Casing Eccentricity and Deformation


Complete tool weight: 42kg [95.5lb] – Complete tool length: 4.04M [131/4‘]  – Tool diameter (excl. centralisers): 54mm [21/8“]