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Nusonix Inspect Complete

The first Cereus Downhole Tool hardware is ready

Nusonix Inspect is now ready for testing, enabling the accurate measurement of ID and wall thickness with a single run, even in gas wells.

All of the hardware for the Nusonix Inspect tool is now finished and a mechanical fitment test has been successfully completed, ready for initial trial at the end of the month, followed by field testing.

Nusonix Inspect is a compact, small-diameter production tubing inspection tool featuring significantly improved resolution and accuracy compared to standard, first-generation ultrasonic tools. Use it to identify downhole leaks and integrity issues. While providing a direct measurement using the Cereus Engine in the time domain and Acoustics Resonance Technology (ART) in the frequency domain, this contact-free technique avoids the potential for tubing damage associated with running mechanical tools such as multi-finger callipers.

Nusonix Inspect has been engineered to be smaller and lighter than existing ultrasonic tools, making it both quicker to use and cost-effective to run. A complete report of processed data will be available on site within the hour.

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