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Nusonix now has CBL!

Cereus is proud to present our newest major feature, which is a CEMENT BOND EVALUATION function that enhances the existing tool to Nusonix Evaluate!

This was on our original development roadmap and we have now lab, workshop and field tested this new function.

We’ve improved the signal to noise performance of the Rotating Head Module and added a CBL function to the processing software.

All of our tools will now have the new v1.1 RHM, whether you’ve opted for the CBL function or not!

Expansion-fixed cement bond test piece generated using a mechanical Local Expander method.

CBL report for the test piece above – excellent repeatbility!
(Red = good bond, blue = bad bond)

The data recorded by the Nusonix Evaluate is a direct measurement, that requires no ‘magic numbers’ to be added in the field and so cannot be adjusted to suit expectations.

The method by which our CBL function works is similar to traditional methods, except that the acoustic signal are enhanced using our Cereus Engine to provide the highest clarity in the world.  This enables us to use more of the signal that other systems cannot see.

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