Our History

How we started

Our acoustics heritage comes from our experience developing advanced acoustic technologies with world-class sonar and industrial companies.

The equalisation techniques used at Cereus Ultrasonics were first developed for use in naval sonar systems as a passive analogue technology in the late 1980s.  Active digital systems mixed with analogue techniques were then developed when the computational power required became more available in the mid 1990s: making it possible to implement transducer equalisation for both transmit and receive systems.

The transducer techniques used are extremely versatile and provide a step change in fidelity and clarity in all ultrasonic and acoustic systems. With this realisation, a strategic decision was made to take the company on a new journey focused on providing the Cereus Engine to additional sectors rather than creating products, and Cereus Ultrasonics was formed.

While Cereus Ultrasonics Ltd. was created within the oil and gas inspection industry, it soon became apparent that ultra-high-fidelity ultrasonic acoustic solutions have a much broader range of applications. From non-destructive industrial testing to navigation at sea, from medical imaging to recording studios and sound reproduction systems, the addition of Cereus technology dramatically improves any imaging or measurement system that uses active or passive acoustic techniques.

For more information on the routes of our technology, please visit our heritage page.