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The Cereus Engine

A step change in performance

Developing a new class of ultrasonics has involved re-evaluating the complete acoustic system – the production, transmission and reception of the analogue pulse, as well as the physical characteristics of different acoustic mediums and the processing of the digitised signals.

A multidisciplinary team of acoustics, electronics and signal processing experts set to work on removing any unwanted electromechanical effects (distortion, standing waves, acoustic inaccuracies and reflections) introduced by the transducer itself, as well as developing methods to render the transmission medium acoustically ‘invisible’.

Importantly, Cereus systems have been designed to capture information utilising both the time and frequency domains at higher fidelity than ever before. This allows users to take advantage of the computational power that was unavailable when the current generation of ultrasonic technologies were initially developed.

Together these innovations have allowed Cereus engineers to improve the frequency response and significantly extend the range of the conventional technology; creating ultra-high-fidelity ultrasonic acoustic solutions.

Cereus’ proprietary ultra-wide band acoustic technology improves ultrasonic performance by orders of magnitude in terms of:

  • Accuracy
  • Resolution (up to x10 bandwidth)
  • Speed of interpretation

Now ultrasonic measurement and imaging can be performed with the highest precision in imperfect conditions and further through complex mediums; providing a never-before-seen level of information about the target using the Cereus Engine.

Powered by The Cereus Engine

At the heart of our systems is the Cereus Engine; our unique ingredient technology that can be licensed from Cereus and used as an enhancement to your current architecture. Compact and versatile, having the power of Cereus Ultrasonics on-board allows you to improve existing applications and pioneer new solutions and services.

Cereus’ proven transducer optimisation techniques build on over 150 years of combined electro-acoustic experience within the team in fields including sonar tracking and ranging, underwater communications, target characterisation, medical drug delivery, inline oil and gas pipeline and riser inspection and downhole inspection.  These experiences have enabled the development of acoustic solutions that vastly increase the fidelity and clarity for inspection and diagnostic imaging, which form the heart of the Cereus Engine

The Cereus Engine can be provided as a standalone ‘black box’ or integrated into your existing system design, through a process of customer consultation and collaboration – helping to transform your acoustics performance.

How it works

The Cereus Engine increases existing transducer bandwidth and ‘normalises‘ the system response across the band, effectively providing a ‘brick wall’ response.

The transducer characteristics are analysed from a simplified Mason model perspective and optimised in the hardware domain. In its simplest form, this is achieved to some degree through the design and manufacture of components that control the transducer. However, to obtain the widest bandwidth and constant amplitude across this bandwidth, software generation of optimised transmit waveforms is also required.

Similar processes take care of the receive side of a system where that system also incorporates a receive section within it.

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